Reasons That Someone With Anorexia May Attempt To Commit Suicide

Many people know that the multitude of health problems associated with eating disorders such as anorexia can prove to eventually be fatal. What you might not know, however, is that those who struggle with anorexia also have a high rate of suicide. In fact, 20 percent of those who die as a result of this eating disorder do so as a result of suicide. If you have someone in your life who is battling anorexia, you need to help the person get professional help — not only to limit the long-term risks of anorexia, but also to lessen the risk that he or she may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. Here are some reasons that someone with anorexia may attempt suicide.

Anorexia Can Feel Impossible To Beat

As with many mental disorders, anorexia is such a challenge to deal with that it can feel impossible to overcome. Perhaps the person has struggled with this eating disorder for several years and doesn't feel any closer to getting through it; in many cases, the condition will have gotten worse. Anytime someone begins to feel that his or her condition is impossible to beat, it can begin to get tempting to think about suicide.

It's Difficult To Keep Up

One of the big issues that people with anorexia face is that while it's difficult to overcome this mental disorder on their own, it's also difficult to maintain. Being anorexic, for lack of a better term, is hard work. It's frustrating and challenging to watch people around you eat while you avoid doing so. It's exhausting to constantly be looking at foods' nutritional values so that you can consume as few calories as possible, and the frequent exercising that often comes alongside anorexia can be physically and mentally tiring, especially when you're so low on energy because you're not consuming enough calories. Someone who faces this situation may be tempted to look for a way out.

The Condition Can Progress

For those with anorexia, it's common for the eating disorder to progress — just as many other mental disorders do. For example, in the early stages of anorexia, a woman may feel as though she looks her best at 110 pounds, and do whatever it takes to maintain this weight. However, as the eating disorder progresses, she may soon view 100 pounds as fat and thus try to drop her weight to 100 pounds. This pattern can progress until she's in such despair that she begins to think about suicide.

For more about this topic, contact a specialist or professional in anorexia treatment.

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