Reasons To Promote Someone Who Scores High In The "D" Part Of A Disc Assessment

For an employer, giving your staff members DiSC workplace assessments is money well spent. Whereas you might struggle to evaluate your employees so that you can truly identify their strengths and weaknesses, each staff member's DiSC profile will clearly provide this information for you. Evaluating staff member' profiles will tell you a lot of important details, including which may be better cut out for promotions. If someone ranks high in the "D" quadrant, which stands for "dominance," you may wish to fast track this person to a management position. Here are some reasons why.

Strong Belief In Self

Someone who ranks high in the "D" part of his or her DiSC assessment possesses a strong belief in himself or herself. Such an individual is a born leader, and while management training is always a good idea, this person will feel natural in an authoritative role. This is a person who believes that he or she will excel upon receiving a promotion, and this attitude is something that can be infection among the staff who will be reporting to this person. He or she will definitely share a "We can do this" mentality with the team.

Driven Attitude

It's ideal for any company's management staff to be highly driven to achieve success, and this is another attribute that someone with a high "D" rating will possess. The best managers are those who are self-motivated; you don't want to have to tell your managers how to go about accomplishing their goals, and this won't be a concern with a "D" personality. This person expects a lot from himself or herself — this is the type of person who will be at work early and stay at work late, if doing so is needed to get the job done right — and this can be something that his or her team members appreciate.

Direct Approach

"D" personalities tend to have a direct approach. While this attribute can sometimes make for challenging situations, it's also admirable in the right context. For example, if you're looking for some ways to improve your company's profitability, those who don't have dominant personalities may not offer much in the way of help. However, a "D" personality will be happy to tell you what he or she thinks — even though if it ruffles a few feathers in the process. While you may have to remind this person that being too direct could be an issue, you'll largely appreciate this trait.

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